3/16/16: Complete (if not finished!)

Some time ago, a friend suggested that I needed to try writing and recording some original music. Coincidentally, my new (at the time) Mac came equipped with Garageband; though I hadn’t made any “serious” recordings since high school, eventually I got up the nerve to give it a try.

I quickly found that a lot has changed during the intervening years. I remember well the challenges of rounding up the players needed for a “session,” then working for hours in a musty basement with an old, 4-track reel-to-reel recorder to get something on tape. Garageband makes the process far easier and faster – if nothing else, the software allows me to easily create drum, bass, and keyboard tracks to accompany my own guitar parts – no band mates required! It allows me to experiment with a wide range of sounds and arrangements, quickly and without the commitment of analog recording. It’s truly an amazing creative tool.

Something I’ve found Garageband doesn’t do (in addition to its miserable failure at making me into passable singer): in my case, at least, Garageband doesn’t seem to promote decisiveness or timely completion of projects. It seems there’s always another option to try, or another take to see if I can finally nail that guitar part. Though I now have seven or eight projects in various states of completion, I was embarrassed to realize today that I hadn’t finished anything since I began working with Garageband in July of 2014!

So, for your dubious listening “pleasure,” here’s something I completed (if not “finished”) today. It’s called Creepy Crawl; I’m going for a “Booker T and the MGs meet The Munsters” kind of vibe. Let me state clearly: it’s a rough mix, and I know I need a lot of practice – I’m well aware that I’m not a very good guitarist. That said, I do enjoy playing music a great deal, and I’d love to hear what you think about the song.